Organizational Development

Time to move forward?

Your organization is dynamic. You want to take advantage of your strengths and move forward. We will help you:

  • Launch an employee survey to assess where you are
  • Move your organization in a new direction
  • Create a learning organization
  • Embrace diversity

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Davis Consulting's approach to Organizational Development is simple - assess where you are, create a goal describing where you want to be, and develop a plan to get there. Among the many approaches, here are a few examples.

At a large financial services organization, creating a solid mentoring program provided the structure and process to young professionals to discover their career options.

At a prominent New England Health Care facility, instituting a shadowing program allowed supervisors to expand their perspective and improved inter-departmental communication.

At several large institutions, conducting an employee survey provided baseline data and clarity around what areas to target to improve employee satisfaction.

In an investment services organization, coaching a new manager, interviewing the staff and holding team building sessions resulted in a smooth integration and efficient operations during a merger.

At a large bank, assisting in the design and delivery of a leadership program resulted in creating a common language and process for a culture that fosters leadership development.

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